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Re: Rick's WIP
« on: April 19, 2019, 11:34:02 am »
TBH, i have given up trying to second guess my entries on what may or may not appeal or look good etc to the judges, if i am discarded because the base distracts from the model, well, then its all a bit stupid and tbh i am getting close to jacking it all in if this year is a complete bust again, as its really expensive and you just have no feedback so your just banging away trying to improve and feel that its like hitting a wall all the time.

Sorry if that's a bit nihilistic, im just all a bit fed up with it just now, feel its just a waste of my time, and considering i am painting for a living, its not a good place to be.

EDIT: after having a quiet word with myself and reading you question again, yes the textured parts on the cloth (trousers) and a bit of the sword are stippling, just trying out the technique as it seems popular and its a fun thing to do) the leather coat is just thin blending, i.e. very thinned paint built up with lots of layers (Hairdryer needed to speed it up).

I didnt mean to be sharp in my reply, just going through a lot at home with the IVF (no bad news) its just a constant nervousness, and i feel breaking out with my commission work isnt going to happen as FB and Instagram algorithms just mean nothing ever gets seen, or any group you go in scream at you "No commission painters posts", its all a bit depressing, in a fun hobby, there are a lot of killjoys. (not aimed at you obvs, :) )
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