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Re: Rick's WIP
« on: October 01, 2018, 12:36:08 pm »
Many thanks!

So much still to do, the driver and gunner on the truck, not to mention THE TRUCK!!!!!!

Really pushing myself this time but not expecting anything as ill get the usual face like a slapped arse if i do at the event :P as Skellet or TenBall!

The green thing i assume is the bottom image?  Its the fuel tank from the truck.  It is the hairspray weathering method.  Basically a mix of browns and tank hull red etc, then 2 light coats of hairspray.  Once dry i sprayed Tamiya desert yellow, then a highlight spray of some buff mixed in.  Once dry you agitate the paint delicately with a stiff small brush, aiming for downward strokes to create gravity effect of rust wash etc.

Still freehand highlighting and further griming and shading to do.

From getting 2 finalists previously but recently had a bit of a dearth of awards at GD's, most feedback is to push my shading contrasts farther, more extreme and just carry on being as neat as possible and smooth.

If i get finalist with this entry ill be happy, as i dont know how much more i can push it to not even be getting finalist pins.