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Re: Rick's WIP
« Reply #15 on: April 22, 2019, 07:07:35 pm »
TBH, i have given up trying to second guess my entries on what may or may not appeal or look good etc to the judges, if i am discarded because the base distracts from the model, well, then its all a bit stupid and tbh i am getting close to jacking it all in if this year is a complete bust again, as its really expensive and you just have no feedback so your just banging away trying to improve and feel that its like hitting a wall all the time.

I think the mentality of 'jacking it all in if this year is a complete bust' is probably the wrong one to approach competition painting with. That's completely my opinion of course and I can't say I've had an overwhelming amount of experience (one Demon, Salute, many many local competitions in several stores which are obviously not nearly on the level of GD- still valuable however), but especially with Golden Demon, you can never go in expecting anything.

You will, without a doubt, be able to get feedback on your work. If somehow the judges disappear, or are busy, then there are tens of incredibly talented painters always happy to talk, and many of the 'Eavy Metal team on stands or roaming the halls who will similarly give you feedback. It takes quite a bit of courage, as I found out in the Nov Demon, but after hesitating to approach many people for feedback there, I made the most of the opportunity at Salute and it did me a world of good.

If your model is discarded because the base detracts from the model, then you've just been given precise feedback on how to improve. Next base you do, make sure it doesn't. (Send pics of it to other painters, bring it into local store, etc.).

Don't stop second guessing your models. It's often frustrating and demoralising but if you don't constantly question the quality of your painting it will come as more of a surprise when the judges do. (That is their job after all). 

I don't doubt all that sounds patronising, I don't mean it to be, I just feel it's integral to enjoying the experience of competition painting and I've had to remind myself of it a few times. Painting is fun. Don't take that fact away from yourself.

On a lighter note, I think the base looks really great. I'm looking forward to seeing the piece at 'Fest.

All good advice, and (i don't mean this in a facetious way at all  btw :) ) i have had the same chat with other painters at events, usually at the bit we all dread, judging complete and its been a bust year.

I am actually decent mates with a few guys who are regular winners and i am very happy to see them at W fest each year as its a good catch up and can look at each others models and talk about issues and get feedback.

The main issue i have is more as i am now a sole trader and my income isn't what it was when i had a job, i feel i have to justify the cost of getting to Fest and spending over 300 just to get and stay at the event gets harder to justify if for a few years on the bounce your not getting into finalist positions (which i have been a couple of times now but last few attempts haven't resulted in anything.

getting feedback is great but can be very hard to do at GD as judges are always in high demand, but i have spoken with max falej (sp?) on twitter a few times and he gave very good feedback.

Also going through the IVF treatments with my wife have been very stressfull this last 12 months, and i also had a big job interview on tuesday which i didnt get in the end though came close) and as i work at home and a lot of my friends now live some 50 miles away, it gets very lonely at times and the day i posted on here about it being all a bust and may give up, i was just quite down and in a funk.

I am working away again on my entries and have a clear couple of weeks to work on them solely (work commitments worked out well there) so we will see.

I think the main thing is you put huge amounts of work into these pieces and when you dont even get into finalist pin position and you see some other entries that have and you can clearly see an issue or something on that model, you start getting a bit fed up. We all do this, its because we are so dedicated and love the competition and entering.

I wouldn't still be doing this some 7 years after my first finalist if i thought id really jack it in ;), i just like a moan now and then, forums are like my pub of mates.