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Which events to expect?


I've decided to embrace the slogan of this forum "Win a Demon or die trying!".
But I'm just now trying to get into Golden Demon events, and quite frankly I have little idea how to start, so I hope you veterans can help me get on track :)

Which events hosts GD?
When and where are those events? In particular I'm interested in events ~6 months from now, if any exist.
What is a good place to keep myself up to date on upcoming events?

It seems painting miniatures is the easy part! Getting to the actual events is some kind of Goonies adventure  :-\

Thanks for any help you can give.

I'm no GD veteran but from what I've heard, the 'mini demons' which were previously hosted at various weekenders and open days over the year, are (very sadly) no longer running, probably meaning the two Golden Demons that do run a year will be at Warhammer Fest UK (see another thread for that talk) and Warhammer Fest Europe (held in Germany last year I believe).

I managed to join the Golden Demon hype just in time for the last Mini Demon in November, but unfortunately it might be the case that the WHFs are the only opportunities now.

Having said that, Warhammer World open days have their own painting competitions now (not quite the prestige carried with GD however). So if you're itching for competitions to practise for the big boy Demon, and get feedback, the open days are your best bet. You can keep up with the announcements of these events on the Warhammer World facebook page, and probably the Warhammer Community Facebook Page, and also the 'Events' section of the Warhammer world website.

Hope this is helpful, and if anyone spots I've said anything incorrect of presumptuous then just let me know.

Wh fest in UK May (11-12th?)
Wh fest in EU (dusseldorf last year, August)
Thats it. What we desperately need at the moment is some **** information about categories and to get the dates confirmed. C'mon GW damnit.

Yeah no more smaller GDs, only the Fests now so a minimum of 2 per year as far as I'm concerned.

At least I'm glad it's not just me who suddenly lost my ability to look up information online.
You would think the biggest miniature company in the world with one of the most well known painting competitions would be more professional about all this...

I'll be watching these forums closely for any new info :) 


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