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Warhammer fest 2020 - any takers

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Hi all,

so with warhammer fest 2020 i assume going to be in May again next year.

Any of us here planning on attending as competitors?

I wasnt what with new baby and few other things, but wife was suddenly, "you planning on going?" so i am now unexpectedly planning on the trip as funds have been freed :)

Just need to pull finger out as not started anything!

I am coming! :)

Still very undecided here. I might end up going alone which is less fun and I have nothing prepped right now as I've been painting non GW stuff lately (shame)


--- Quote from: Mamikon on January 14, 2020, 12:06:20 pm ---I am coming! :)

--- End quote ---

I believe a little bird has confirmed to me that the event is on the 2nd and 3rd of May this year.

I'm going. I'm hoping to enter single 40k, middle earth/duel, open, and possibly large, although it depends what I can get done. I'll be going on my own and likely be staying at the ibis styles or novotel nearby(cheap, and short walking distance to the NEC) so if anyone wants to hang out, I'm down. made some friends last year but always up to make more!


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