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Golden Demon at the UK Warhammer Fest 2019

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I think you can enter on Saturday from 12:00 but I'm not sure.

I'll try and find out closer to the event then. Wanna get that prime cabinet real estate haha.

Although, if there are a large number of entries, getting in later could be beneficial as earlier entries get pushed to the back. Anyone got any thoughts on the wider science of entering? Timings etc? Maybe I'm over thinking a bit.


--- Quote from: Queen_annes_revenge on February 25, 2019, 01:35:36 pm --- Anyone got any thoughts on the wider science of entering?

--- End quote ---

Make your entry truly outstanding and you won't have to worry about where it's put or when  :)

(I completely understand that being put at the back of the bottom shelf will mean you get less time looked at, but if it's good enough to win a Demon, it should probably only need a glance to register as a great piece)

Yeah you're right really, I came to that conclusion myself. I was just trying to figure whether it was worth braving the queues to get on the shelves early. I think there are little things you can do to stack the deck in your favour though. A slightly wider plinth to keep other entries from crowding the personal space of your entry.. Which is what I may or my not be doing...


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