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Upcoming Golden Demons / Re: Golden Demon at the UK Warhammer Fest 2019
« on: January 23, 2019, 03:01:47 pm »
I am aiming for 40k single, AoS single, and vehicle.  However i would like them to pull finger out with the masters category as almost less than 4 months to go.

Upcoming Golden Demons / Re: Golden Demon at the UK Warhammer Fest 2019
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:35:18 am »
Yeah was the Ricoh arena events, general enquiry line.

I don't see it as cheeky, i'm fed up of GW being super secret squirrel with regards to event dates, these event hall hires are usually blocks of 5 year contracts and when travel and hotel costs only get dearer closer to the events, they know ages in advance, and telling folk the event date less than 5 months before it is infuriating, especially as other events are often around this time and i have to budget out trips.

The fact they moved Euro from september to the same weekend/month as WF is so annoying, they know many people go to both events, so now they are forcing folk to choose one.  I really want to go the Euro, but my first aim is to win a G demon so WF will always win out, especially as GW have scrapped the mini demons now.

I am going to contact Max falej and ask if the Golden demon at WF 2019 is on the sunday as if they swap it round for this year the hotel booking swap could be fun.

It was the same with the EM masterclass event, it was something like 6 weeks before the event they suddenly had tickets out, which sold out in minutes, and i cant pluck some 600 out of thin air for 3 nights hotel, flight and the ticket they need to be planning stuff out in terms of telling folk, not releasing the ticket, but advertising dates.

However i realise GW doesnt need to care as they get the ticket money and its not their issue.

Upcoming Golden Demons / Re: Golden Demon at the UK Warhammer Fest 2019
« on: January 16, 2019, 02:38:45 pm »
Its deffo the 11th and 12th, i do my usual of phoning the hotel events team and asking, just saying i'm part of set up team and been given 2 dates etc, can they confirm.

As its expensive enough booking the trip so early booking is best.

The guy on the phone confirmed its the 10th for setup and sat sunday is the event :)

The main issue is if the painting comp is on the sat or the sunday, as they have mucked about with this recently.

good luck to everyone at the event this Saturday. hope it's good fun.

I'm planning for W fest 2019 for next event :)

Sounds good fun.

I recognise that carry cased with the pins on it, saw a guy picking up his entries at W Fest in may.

Sadly it turns out i probably will no longer be able to attend. My wife and i are going through teh start of the IVF process and just found out the dates for the scans and visits at hospital and the last one will be the 23rd of November, as a result it would be very stresfull and likely clash with the treatment.

My wife and i are both sad i cant go as it was my trip away to meet friends and relax a bit after the stress of the year leading up to the process but its just not worth it if the return travel has any issues and i cant be there for key visits on the monday.

I know i can still go to W/fest in 2019 and hopefully this isnt the last mini demon (as going by the post on the 40k open day info page it may be?!) and ill be back into he big group with little hope of winning as usual.

Thought this may be my chance to shine, but ah well.

Ill be up for Euro soon hopefully but needs planning maybe as part of holiday to my wifes parents. As travelling to Folkestone from Elgin is about as far as you can travel in the uk!

If i plan for it and budget i can maybe cram in W Fest UK and Euro.

Hopefully be about on saturday evening for a bevvy or 2 in GW\Notts :)

I am always up for a meet up, either in Bugmans after or a closeby watering hole. I am staying in the premier INN Marina, which has a few food places nearby, but were talking frankie and bennys, but dont know when bugmans shuts?

Yeah i got my ticket.  Hotel was an extra 16 to change the dates.

Train is the same so thats good, just means i get home late as first sunday train is 9:45

So tickets on sale, and well done GW, put the GD event on the saturday, for the first time ive ever seen it on that day.

So now i have to change my hotel bookings late, top marks. itll be more expensive now as its 2 peak rate nights, not one peak and one cheap (sunday)


Work in progress / Re: Rick's WIP
« on: October 03, 2018, 05:09:30 pm »
Very kind of you.

I just get nervous as its a lot of money to go to these events and coming away with not even a finalist makes it harder and harder to keep trying, so deciding what makes my best chance is hard.

Still lots of little details to finish on the primus, and then weathering on the hard surfaces.

Work in progress / Re: Rick's WIP
« on: October 03, 2018, 01:56:45 pm »
Currently debating if i put the truck and 2 crew and the base into vehicle, and put the primus into 40k single.

Cant decide, whether having the primus in the scene adds to a story element or if he is good enough on his own to try for the single category and push it a bit more with him.

decisions decisions.

Work in progress / Re: Rick's WIP
« on: October 02, 2018, 06:34:37 pm »
Great weathering effects mate

Cheers mate.

struggling with the vehicle crew just now, armour and overalls not coming together well...

More Tea!

I asked them in a FB comment today and they said in the next week or two, something about getting everything bang on before releasing.

I mentioned that travel expenses only get dearer the nearer the event gets.....

Work in progress / Re: Rick's WIP
« on: October 01, 2018, 12:36:08 pm »
Many thanks!

So much still to do, the driver and gunner on the truck, not to mention THE TRUCK!!!!!!

Really pushing myself this time but not expecting anything as ill get the usual face like a slapped arse if i do at the event :P as Skellet or TenBall!

The green thing i assume is the bottom image?  Its the fuel tank from the truck.  It is the hairspray weathering method.  Basically a mix of browns and tank hull red etc, then 2 light coats of hairspray.  Once dry i sprayed Tamiya desert yellow, then a highlight spray of some buff mixed in.  Once dry you agitate the paint delicately with a stiff small brush, aiming for downward strokes to create gravity effect of rust wash etc.

Still freehand highlighting and further griming and shading to do.

From getting 2 finalists previously but recently had a bit of a dearth of awards at GD's, most feedback is to push my shading contrasts farther, more extreme and just carry on being as neat as possible and smooth.

If i get finalist with this entry ill be happy, as i dont know how much more i can push it to not even be getting finalist pins.

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